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Cardinal Bamboo Wind Chime - Wind Chime Fun

Cardinal Bamboo Wind Chime

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Festive vibrant red cardinal  bamboo wind chime features a cardinal  with realistic markings  perched on the top of this bamboo  chime.  Soothing tones will be heard whenever a gentle breeze blows.Bamboo is a fast growing plant that flourishes in Bali and is sourced for its musical quality.


  • Made by artists in Bali.
  • Manufacturer: Cohasset Gifts
  • Dimensions: 4.25L x 4.25W x 18.25H

3 Fun Facts about Cardinals:

  1. Cardinals are very territorial and males will defend their zone from intruders -- or even reflections.
  2. Cardinals named the state bird of seven states
  3. The cardinal bird was named for its color, which resembles the red robe worn by Roman Catholic Cardinals.