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Copper Praying Mantis   Garden Stake- 2 Sizes Available - Wind Chime Fun

Copper Praying Mantis Garden Stake- 2 Sizes Available

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This  handcrafted copper praying mantis garden artwork makes a fun statement as a colorful garden focal point. Each part is hand formed, welded with a stunning patina finish on the wings and a clear coat  is applied to the entire piece to protect it from the weather year round. The praying mantis rests on a 36” stake or can sit gracefully on a desk or table.

2 Sizes Available:

Small praying mantis: 8.5 inches tall $45

Large praying mantis: 15 inches tall $65

Handcrafted by the artists at Haw Creek Forge so no two pieces are identical. The brilliant patina and torch finishes on each piece  make them unique works of garden art. Usually ships within 7  days.


Fun Fact: The talented praying mantis is the only insect that can turn its head all the way around (180 degrees) and is fast enough to catch mosquitoes and flies.