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Butterfly solar indoor wind chime

Delicate Butterfly Solar Indoor Chime

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Be delighted with  this delicate beauty of a butterfly  resting on this solar wind chime! A butterfly represents transformation, hope and life. 

If you love butterflies and nature, you will absolutely enjoy this indoor butterfly solar chime. 

The magnificent, yet short life of a butterfly serves to remind us that life is beautiful yet short. 

A colorful hand painted metal butterfly   rests upon the lightly textured white top of this solar powered indoor chime that is suspended from a metal vine-wrapped black stand. Soft dulcet tones emanate from the chimes which further enhances  your enjoyment of this indoor solar chime.

The metal butterfly adheres magnetically, but may be permanently attached with a little dab of superglue. Since the butterfly is hand painted it is unique and each one is slightly different.

Bring the outdoors inside. No batteries. No breeze. No electricity. Ever.

Dimensions: 5-1/2” W x 12-1/2” H