One of a kind hand crafted home and garden decorations.

Looking to add uniqueness and intriguing decorations to your home or garden then a one of a kind crafted wind chime, copper garden stake or hummingbird feeder would fit your style. Attention to detail and appeal is key as artisans bring colorful and charming decorative and functional products to the home and garden market.

Our products are individually hand crafted with only the finest materials and designed to last for many years of enjoyment therefore offering tremendous value. They'll make for thoughtful and lasting gifts too for all occasions.

  • Add Pizzazz

    Adding a piece of art to your yard could provide a distinctive focal point and finishing touch to a cohesive and beautifully designed landscape.

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  • Add Color

    Suncatchers bring life to any indoor space when the light shines in a room.

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  • indoor solar wind chime for any tabletop made in the US available in a variety of warm colors

    Add Tranquility

    Enjoy the soft, calming tones from an indoor solar wind chime that provide a tranquil backdrop to your daily life, easing stress and promoting relaxation.

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  • "Thanks so much for the prompt shipping as we wanted to give the solar chime the following week as a gift"

    Lilly D.

  • "The frog on the Lilly pad was even prettier in person and looks great in our garden. Getting lot of compliments."

    Leslie J.